I've known her all my life

This is what I always say about Beata. We are two friends who one day decided to create. Two of us: Monika Mrozowska and Beata Kuczynska are completely different personalities therefore our conversations never end and are always a good inspirational ground not to take life too seriously. This is our aim - to play with ... the clay (Beata), and paint and draw everything (me) including on people, because we work together in a tattoo studio which I founded in 2008. We are part of a magical world known as the Factory where our art studio is based. The workshop - called Celery, was created by Suzanne Pinder who is also our dear friend and specializes in wood block print. I will tell the story in more details because it is rather potty kind of non-fiction and is an interesting tale, not just for us to enjoy.

Monika Mrozowska